About the project

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Within the proposed project we want to enhance employability of the disabled and provide incentives for their personal development and lifelong learning, applying international experience and designing innovative models of education and employment for the concerned upon international exchange of information on the labour market, active labour market policies (occupational rehabilitation, education, enhancing employment) and best practices and experience with (re)integration.


We want to conduct a questionnaire-based survey to identify the constraints and needs in the field of occupational rehabilitation and professional consulting, and to examine the attitudes and requirements of the key actors of labour market concerning the employment of the disabled. The goal is to contribute to the efficiency of HR development according to the needs of the labour market and increase the chances of the disabled.


We assume that active involvement of the primary target group in the project activities aimed at raising their general and legal awareness (incl. European issues) will improve their communication skills, eliminate personal barriers, enhance their self-confidence and motivation to active citizenship, lifelong learning and subsequent engagement in the labour market.


Cooperation with the employers and other labour market actors during the survey and informative seminar will facilitate a positive change in the employers´ attitudes towards the employment of disabled persons and balance the labour market´s supply and demand side.


The output products of the project – website, brochure, flyer and a DVD as a comprehensive package of information will provide the essential information to the target groups extending the previous experience of the users.